Outdoor blinds

The Ultimate Protection and Privacy

Our ambient outdoor blinds provide the ultimate screening solution for any homeowner who wants to offer their family and guests better protection and privacy. These high-performance shades are specially designed for alfresco entertaining areas like pergolas and verandahs, keeping out wind, rain and insects while also reducing the glare from sunlight. Our blinds are also an ideal fit for your home’s windows, such as keeping out pests and rain while you’re working inside your own office or enjoying a nice meal in your dining room.

Engineered to High Standards

These outdoor blinds are built in a clever fashion, using hidden interlocking parts to avoid a cluttered appearance, as well as self-aligning side channels. These channels make it easy for you to install your new blinds in any “out of square” window or opening, no matter if you’re using them in your home or your business.Ambient outdoor blinds also afford excellent protection from UV rays and the usual swarms of insects that crop up during the summer. We’ve engineered these blinds to be both simple and stylish, enhancing the appearance of your home or office space.

Our Top-Rated Outdoor Blinds

Our outdoor blinds use Mermet® fabric, made to endure Australian weather conditions all year round and available in an impressive colour range. You can be confident that the colour and fabric will not fade, and that the material will remain impervious to harmful UV rays.

There is a great degree of flexibility when it comes to your outdoor blinds. Our ambient outdoor blinds come with different spring and drive options, including the traditional hand crank and our electric 240-volt motor frame. You also have a choice about openess factors. For instance, if glare is an issue, we recommend a 1% openness rating for superior sun protection. Choose from eight neutral tones, or ask us about finding a specific fabric colour which matches your home’s paintwork.